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Economic, Industrial and Technology Policy

Understanding the profound commercial implications of government policies, plans and strategies is one of the fundamental success factors for doing business in or with China. Navigating China’s intensifying industrial and technology policies, from Made in China 2025 to the Belt and Road Initiative, is one of the enduring challenges for international companies.


The daily IT-backed monitoring and analysis of policy and regulatory documents and the continuous interpretation of the Chinese government’s mid- and long-term intentions, is one of the most important backbones of Sinolytics’ services. Based on long-standing policy research experience, Sinolytics identifies and assesses policy risks as well as opportunities at an early stage, providing our clients with valuable time and advice to prepare and react.

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Regulatory Compliance

Using increased monitoring and processing capacity enabled by big data technologies, China’s government is significantly improving its ability to implement and enforce market regulation. This means more immediate detection of non-compliance through rating mechanisms (Social Credit System), more rigorous enforcement, more severe sanctions.


Helping companies to prepare for this new reality of enhanced regulatory scrutiny is one of Sinolytics’ most important services. Sinolytics experts have continuously observed and analyzed the development of China’s regulatory system for many years, building a unique expertise to support our clients to identify compliance gap in time and to effectively and efficiently close these gaps.


Digital and Technology Strategy

China’s unprecedented technological transformation and digitization is fundamentally changing the rules of the Chinese market. International companies are adjusting their technology and digital strategies to benefit from China’s rapid advances. At the same time, they need to prepare for the risks of profound technological disruption in their sectors. A key challenge is to adapt to the new realities, including intensifying competition from new market players, to stay relevant in China’s market of the future.


Sinolytics offers guidance through the labyrinth of China’s digital and technological transformation. It provides the combination of deep China knowledge, technology expertise and strategic thinking, from artificial intelligence to eCommerce, from autonomous driving to 5G.


Venture Capital and Private Equity investment

China’s vibrant and challenging technology start-up scene offers unique opportunities to tap into the power of the country’s tech advancement. If done right, venture capital and private equity investment can open access to China’s digital ecosystem. This allows international companies to participate in fast technology and business model innovation in the Chinese market and beyond. But VC in China remains a complicated, opaque and risky business.


Sinolytics offers specialized services to build a well-informed corporate investment strategy: extensive scouting, shortlisting and due diligence of investment targets based on a widespread local network. Sinolytics identifies optimal investment structures, facilitates match-making with potential targets, and provides analysis and coaching during the negotiations.


Cooperation Models and Partner Scouting

Long-term success and expansion in the Chinese market often hinges on selecting the right business partners and building the right types of partnership. Especially in digital and technology partnerships, forging collaborations with tangible benefits while safeguarding IP and sensitive data remains a challenging task. In addition, building effective partnerships often requires insights into the roles of industry associations, business alliances or government and regulatory agencies.


Sinolytics conducts careful screenings and in-depth analysis to identify attractive partnership candidates with high technological and strategic compatibility. Sinolytics supports the design of highly tailor-made cooperation models that maximize benefits and reduce risks, ranging from R&D cooperation to tech licensing, from eBusiness alliances to full-fledged joint product development.


Market Intelligence and Competitor Analysis

China’s market is changing, driven by macroeconomic shifts, the emergence of strong Chinese competitors, a changing political and regulatory environment as well as digital and technological disruptions. Sinolytics provides deep, geographically differentiated market intelligence on emerging trends and future business opportunities with a particularly strong track-record in automotive, mechanical engineering, logistics,chemicals and pharmaceuticals.


Sinolytics puts a particular focus on the increasingly challenging competitor situation, including the emerging international presence of Chinese companies entering the global stage as powerful competitors, major investors and potential partners.