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Sinolytics Policy Radar

Sinolytics Strategy Building

Policy determines business in China. Sinolytics helps you to keep on top of China’s policy trends and enhance your ability to adjust to China’s fast-changing policy landscape. With our flagship product, the Sinolytics Policy Radar, you receive constantly updated analytical insights on the policy changes that are most relevant to your business.

Sinolytics’ Policy Radar connects the dots between geopolitical, economic, industrial, technological and social policies. Our in-depth policy assessment, forecasting of future trajectories and expert judgement on risks and opportunities helps you to draw the right conclusions for your China business.

Sinolytics policy experts use a multi-source, Chinese language-based approach to policy analysis. We complement our analysis with judgements from our industry expert network. Our in-depth sector expertise includes Automotive, Chemicals, Finance, Health, Machinery, Logistics, Textiles and Retail.

Securing a strategic position in China’s market is increasingly challenging for international companies: geopolitical tensions and decoupling, China’s drive towards self-sufficiency, “dual circulation” and “common prosperity”. Under new conditions, old recipes for business success do not work anymore. Executives need to adjust their thinking on positioning their company in China’s changing business and policy environment.

Based on deep China knowledge, Sinolytics helps you to pinpoint the political, technological, social and market trends that profoundly impact your China business. Building on experience with clients across industries, Sinolytics supports you to derive the correct implications from these trends and to evaluate the strategic options available to your company. Ultimately, Sinolytics’ Strategy Building provides you with a tried and tested decision-making framework to make the best strategic choices.

Sinolytics Policy Radar entails:

  • Policy and Stakeholder Landscaping:Mapping and assessment of relevant laws, regulations, policies and stakeholders for a specific industry and/or topic, helping our clients to quickly grasp the policy environment relevant to their business (e.g. Cyber governance, Automotive)

  • Policy Monitoring & Analysis Report: Regular report on most relevant policy changes with deep-dives on most relevant policies, impact judgement and implications for your business

  • Policy Briefings: Regular briefing for relevant functions in your company to share information, discuss implications and align on consequences

  • Alert functions: Sinolytics alerts for urgent policy developments, which require time-sensitive action, providing initial of potential implication to support your quick adjustment

  • Ad-hoc analysis on special topic: Sinolytics provides tailored analysis and research for your ad hoc needs (managing government requests; commenting on draft policies, etc.)

  • Sinolytics Strategy Building entails:

  • Trend research and analysis: In-depth, tailor-made analysis of the crucial developments that shape your business environment in China

  • Impact assessment: Interactive process of Sinolytics-led workshops and interviews, utilizing tested conceptual frameworks (e.g. SWOT) to determine the impacts of trends on the client

  • Company benchmarking: Opening the landscape of available strategic options by systematic comparison with other companies’ approaches

  • Option evaluation: Sinolytics expert analysis and judgement on strategic options tailored to your specific business situation in China

  • Scenario development: Stress-testing of strategic options through scenario planning exercises, e.g. role-play workshops (“Crisis Gaming”)

  • Decision-framework: Sinolytics’ framework for weighing strategic options along the value chain, arriving at coherent sets of actions

  • Implementation roadmap: Definition of workstreams, corresponding goals and outcomes, roles and responsibilities

  • Sinolytics Executive Briefings

    Sinolytics Regulatory Compliance

    A more challenging China requires executives to deepen their knowledge about China, going beyond market information by building a strong grasp of (geo-)political, technological, and societal context. Rapid change, as one of the constants of China’s trajectory, demands cognitive flexibility and adjustability of executives’ thinking frameworks.

    Sinolytics provides dynamic, interactive and engaging executive-level workshops covering a broad selection of China topics. From current affairs like the tech crackdown to long arches like the CCP’s centennial goals. From China’s digital transformation to the resurgence of political ideology. From China’s new assertiveness in foreign affairs to China’s decarbonization agenda. In all cases, Sinolytics Executive Workshops are designed to widen participants’ view on China, to enhance understanding of crucial trends, and to improve strategic thinking about China’s future.

    China has a unique approach to market governance, creating China-specific compliance risks for European companies. Sinolytics guides companies in understanding and preparing for the strategic and operational challenges, especially regarding China's Corporate Social Credit System and China's rapidly expanding Cybersecurity and Data Governance Regime.

    Sinolytics helps clients to assess how well they are prepared to meet regulatory compliance requirements. Sinolytics experts identify and support implementation of required adjustments to ensure long-term compliance, avoiding costly sanctions. Sinolytics offers long-term management support, keeps your management systems up-to-date with requirement updates, and provides strategic advice in acute risk cases.

    Sinolytics Executive Briefings entail:

  • Scenario Workshops: Designed to explore the implication of different possible futures in China’s development, ranging from domestic politics scenarios to geopolitical futures, for example through “Crisis Gaming” (role-play workshops)

  • Mindset-change Workshops: Designed to challenge predominant patterns of interpretation and judgement regarding China, providing surprising and new insights on China, for example on China’s technological transformation and innovation capabilities

  • Context Workshops: Designed to contextualize current issues within the bigger picture of China’s development, for example “common prosperity” in the context of the CCP’s 2nd centennial goal

  • Sector Workshops: Designed to deep-dive into specific industry sectors, illustrating emergence, status quo and future trajectories, for example in China’s health, transportation, energy sector, etc.

  • Sinolytics Regulatory Compliance entails:

  • Requirement Reports: Targeted analysis of your compliance challenges and bilingual handbook with detailed requirements for you to work with

  • Gap Analysis/Risk assessment: Systematic comparison of government requirements against operations in your company to identify risk factors

  • Support for self-assessment filings: E.g. preparation of MLPS 2.0 or cross-border data transfer self-assessments

  • Design SOPs and Compliance Management Tools: SOPs for compliance risk detection, managing data flows, CSCS Rating Results dashboards, etc.

  • IT Strategy: Supporting you to optimize your China IT strategy considering the impacts of China’s cybersecurity and data framework

  • Ad hoc risk mitigation support: Strategic advice and analysis of acute risk cases (e.g. mitigation measures in case of acute blacklisting risk)

  • Regulatory Monitoring: Continuous reporting on regulatory developments and their impacts

  • Briefing & Trainings: Strategic briefings on intention, design and status of the CSCS/Cyber Regime

  • Sinolytics Market Intelligence

    Sinolytics Investment Scouting

    China’s market continues to offer enormous opportunities. New challenges also create new chances: customers are not only price-driven anymore, but increasingly demand high quality, cutting-edge technology and fast product customization. Many European businesses have what it takes to persevere in this shifting competitive context. But to successfully go toe-to-toe with a new generation of local competitors, they need the match their competition’s deep market knowledge and tailored business models.

    Sinolytics provides the expert market intelligence necessary to keep your edge in this competitive environment. Sinolytics experts give you the information you need for well-informed, fact-based business decisions. With our comparative experience across industry sectors, Sinolytics offers tailor-made market analysis especially for: machinery and mechanical engineering, automotive and automotive suppliers, chemical industry, pharma and medical devices, as well as the retail sector.

    M&A, Joint Ventures and Venture Capital can be a powerful way to anchor your business in the Chinese market, a shortcut to localization and enhanced market reach, and a way to benefit from China’s vibrant technology ecosystem. But only if you pick the right partner or investment target.

    Sinolytics' M&A and investment experts provide our clients with the information and analysis to identify the right Chinese investment to achieve their investment objectives. Most conventional VC and M&A target scouting approaches fall short when it comes to China. In common databases, information on Chinese companies is often a black hole. Sinolytics’ tailored approach to target selection, building on a broad spectrum of China-specific information sources, brings light into your China M&A and investment plans.

    Sinolytics Market Intelligence entails:

  • Market size analysis: Determination of current market size for highly specific product segments and for different demand industries; assessment of market size developments and mid- to long-term potential; growth drivers and potential growth disruptions

  • Competitor analysis: L andscaping full spectrum of current and potential competitors; deep-dive analysis on main competitors (products, pricing, customers, technology and IP, etc.)

  • Customer analysis: Assessment of current and potential customers regarding their market demand, main product needs and expectations, purchasing behavior and interaction channels, etc.

  • Technology analysis: Evaluation of technological trends and developments in specific markets; identification of innovation drivers, technology shifts, technology substitution, etc.

  • Pricing analysis: Analysis of pricing levels and trends, price differentiation, etc.

  • Sinolytics Investment Scouting entails:

  • Regulatory baselining: Input on current policy, legal and regulatory requirements for foreign investments in China, success/fail cases

  • Target alignment: In alignment with the client, Sinolytics identifies selection criteria based on primary investment objectives

  • Longlisting: Long-list of target companies based specialized, China-specific sources combined with Sinolytics' market expertise

  • Shortlisting & corporate profiles: Scoring and ranking of long-list candidates to create short-list for more in-depth analysis

  • In-depth analysis of top candidates: Validation of initial assessment and additional data relevant to the investment objectives (e.g. licensing, R&D, manufacturing capacity, sales network, etc)

  • Financial Due Diligence: Detailed assessment of target's financials

  • Regulatory Due Diligence: Review of target companies’ regulatory situation (e.g. access to licenses, market access restrictions etc)